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5 Ways to Organize Countertop Space


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Organization is one of the most essential aspects of a well-functioning kitchen. Simple practices such as segregating equipment and categorizing ingredients will help homeowners have an easier time in the kitchen.

People tend to forget that the kitchen can be an area in a home where accidents can occur. Typically, accidents happen because of a disorganized setup which is why many professional kitchens require the staff to have clean, organized stations. You, too, can avoid mishaps at home with an orderly kitchen.

The countertop is where people would chop ingredients, use tools, and cook. Things should always be within reach while maintaining sufficient space for other kitchen activities. Here are five ways to organize a kitchen counter and their benefits.

  1. Categorize herbs and spices

Every kitchen has various herbs and spices containers. Herbs can range from leafy to woody, while spices have multiple types ranging from Chinese five spices, cumin, cinnamon, and many more.

It could be confusing if all these herbs and spices were randomly placed. The best way to organize these is to have a spice rack. It is a matter of separating the different kinds of spices on each rack, making it accessible.

As for herbs, if you have dried and powdered versions, it’s also possible to place them in a spice rack. The thing to remember here is to separate the powdered ones from the dried ones. Examples include ground sage, ground cumin, dried oregano, and dried thyme.

  1. Wall shelving for mugs and jars

A wall shelf is useful for plenty of things. Coffee mugs, salt and pepper shakers, and sugar jars are all possible items that can be on a wall shelf.

Typically, a wall shelf will have different spaces, so it’s best to categorize each section for easy organization. For instance, the lowest shelf can be for the common items you use, such as sugar, creamer, and coffee, and the top shelf can be for mugs.

  1. Dedicated container for cleaning items

Things get messy in a kitchen, so it’s essential to have an accessible place for cleaning materials. A container for soaps and other cleaning items helps keep the countertop organized and prevents spillages.

People move around a lot in the kitchen, so it’s best to ensure things are secure, and soap is one of the most used items since people wash their hands constantly after handling specific ingredients.

  1. Oversized cookie jar for tea and coffee

Tea and coffee are two common beverages that people drink. Whether they’re for guests or not, having tea bags and coffee capsules in jars makes it more accessible. An oversized cookie jar can fit multiple packs of teabags and coffee capsules, leaving more space for other items on the countertop.

  1. Woven baskets

Woven baskets are a versatile item you can put in the kitchen. It can carry any set of items from condiments, mason jars, cleaning materials, and more. The main benefit of using woven baskets is that it saves plenty of space on the countertop while being pleasing to the eyes. The more space there is, the more convenient it is to cook.

Efficiency and Spacing at Its Finest

An organized kitchen will lead to a better food prepping and cooking experience. Maximizing the countertop’s space is a simple strategy to create a functional kitchen. Take time to figure out what’s ideal, and the kitchen will turn into an enjoyable place to be in.