Home Finance What Is FXCM Bonus? A Detailed Guide About FXCM Bonus

What Is FXCM Bonus? A Detailed Guide About FXCM Bonus

What Is FXCM Bonus?

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Jawad Ali

FXCM is an independent broker that offers classic trading strategies for active traders. A well-established broker with many years of experience, FXCM is among the best in the market.

Through this period, it has established itself as a reliable partner that provides clients with optimal trading conditions. In addition to its two types of accounts, the company also offers demo accounts to novice traders. This guide is all about the FXCM bonus in detail.

FXCM bonus

FXCM recently launched an exciting new bonus offer, completely free, for all its clients, in response to the needs of their traders.

Each trader may take advantage of a fantastic promotion whereby the amount they deposit determines how much they receive as a bonus. Traders can only benefit from the promotion once, and the bonus amount will vary depending on how much they deposit.

What are the benefits of depositing with FXCM?

If this was your first time encountering a deposit bonus promotion, this might seem like an excellent idea since you’d receive nearly half of your initial deposit for free.

This FXCM deposit bonus review shows that traders have better choices than with previous deposit bonuses. It may be necessary to trade a certain amount before the deadline with industry-standard bonuses, but your funds can be withdrawn at the end.

FXCM bonus requirements

The FXCM deposit bonus that the South African market uses most extensively is only available in the African market, which is why it is categorized as the most popular FXCM deposit bonus.

Focus on the amount you’ll receive instead of the geographical details of the bonus to determine whether it is worth the price compared to other FXCM options. You must create an IC Markets personal account before trading on the platform.

What is the FXCM bonus amount?

For existing and new customers on its platform, FXCM is offering $25. When you create an account, you must deposit a minimum of $50 to qualify for the bonus.

Therefore, FXCM should classify this promotion as a deposit bonus rather than a no-deposit bonus. To withdraw profits, most customers must trade a certain amount within a certain timeframe. In many cases, investors are not required to allocate funds to their welcome bonus right away.


FXCM is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. Moreover, Kot4x is a broker for professionals who trade independently and are willing to make substantial investments from the start.

Forex brokers need promotions to either retain or attract new customers. As a result of the FXCM bonus promotion, both existing and new customers can enjoy the free $25 bonus, which is in contrast to other promotional offers.

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