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Bast Japanese hairstyles male: Everything You Need To Know About Japanese hairstyles


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There are many hairstyles that men can choose among them. Some of the most attractive Japanese hairstyles for men out there involve short haircuts. One famous hairdo is the quick, wavy top with a tapered side haircut. This style enhances the facial features and provides a degree of flexibility to make any look possible. Another everyday hairdo is the long on-top styled back haircut which will be easier to maintain than long hair but still keep the length needed to give it some volume at the top layer.

Modern-day man hairstyle

The modern-day man enjoys accessorizing his look through flexible haircuts that allow him to switch up his style every once in a while, without ever worrying about not matching it with different outfits or events. A popular haircut option among modern-day men is the short and spiky top with tapered sides, which provides flexibility without compromising masculinity. Another stylish look that’s gaining popularity these days comes in an extended on-top styled back cut. It allows for some length without causing too much volume and gives off a professional appearance at work.


Men generally like their hair to provide maximum flexibility to different sport looks without any issue. Nowadays, men resort to having shorter haircuts, especially those who are working at office-bound and want to maintain professionalism at all times even if they sport a flexible hairstyle such as the short and spiky top with tapered sides cut or the short.

Japanese hairstyles male

Attractive Japanese hairstyles are not limited to specific haircuts as there are many different styles that men can pick away. A popular style among modern-day men is the short and spiky top with tapered sides, providing flexibility without compromising its masculinity or sophisticated look. Another attractive hairdo gaining traction among modern-day gentlemen is the length on top styled back cut. It allows for some distance without causing too much volume and gives off a professional appearance at work.

Japanese men are beautiful, with many Japanese male actors greatly influencing fashion trends worldwide. The hairstyles are usually considered well-kept and attractive, depending on the person. Here are some Japanese hair styles that you may want to try -and not forget the famous and inspiring Samurai hairstyle (it is a popular trend in Asia, especially for Japanese men).

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Samurai hairstyle:

It’s the most traditional of all hairstyles for Japanese men. It’s based on what samurai warriors wore. You can sport this look by shaving your hair into a thin strip down the middle of the head (or, if you’re brave enough, shave off all of your hair). Leave some hair along with sideburns and elongate them with thin lines curving upwards – or shave them off entirely.


This classic style is worn with only a thin top knot and thin and long shaved sides, except for a flimsy lock hanging from one side. The slim top knot is made by shaving and then waxing the center of your scalp.


This hairstyle is like a modified chonmage. It is popular in the summer for its coolness but can also be worn any time of year. This style has no top knot fine shaved on the sides except for one lock of hair placed just above each ear, forming an m-shape symbolizing “mopped” ground being cleared for cultivation – hence its name.


This new trend was created by Hiroshi Fujiwara, who started wearing his version in 2010 – thus making this unique style. Not only does it look good, but it also has a nice meaning behind it. He started wearing this style because he wanted to show his appreciation for the different types of people in this world and how everyone can be their inspiration – which is what this hairstyle form does.

A side part:

It features a line shaved into the hair showing where the parting occurs; it’s also known as a ‘Tolstoy’ fringe after Leo Tolstoy, who sported that style while writing War and Peace. This hairstyle complements oval and heart-shaped faces best.

One long tuft:

One long shock of hair (over an inch) at the top center of the forehead, also known as a lock or whorl. Traditional Chinese hairstyles inspired it but were often worn with modern-day haircuts. This hairstyle complements round faces best, as it balances out the face shape.

A shaggy side part:

One of the most casual Japanese hairstyles. If you have thick hair, you can let your locks loose and brush them to one side – the more relaxed version of a side part. You can use gel or wax to keep your hair in place, but be sure not to overdo it!

Spiky look:

If your hair is naturally straight, then this hairstyle will suit you best for its easy maintenance with minimum styling required making it perfect for busy guys on the go. Plus, if you have short spiked-up black or brown hair, that style would attract attention due to its uniqueness!


The famous Elvis Presley inspired this style and usually goes with a quiff or a Pompadour. It requires quite a lot of volumizing products to get that fluffy look, but once you’re done, it will be worth it!

Which hairdo is most common in Japan?

The most common Japanese haircut you may find is the bob cut. You’ll observe that many Japanese girls use this hairdo. Because of this, we also gave you a number of bobs cut recommendations.


What is a Kimono?

A Kimono can be described as a traditional Japanese garment. Men’s Kimono, called ‘yukata,’ and women’s Kimono, called ‘Kimono,’ are the most common form of conventional clothes worn today.¬† The Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that consists of multiple layers. The inner layer, called the ‘Tsuke-meshi,’ is an undergarment. It is made of cotton, and it is usually white. The next layer is the ‘Tabi’ socks which are worn with the Kimono. The top layer is called the ‘Obi,’ which is cinched at the waist; this garment also consists of multiple layers. The Obi is knotted at the right side of the body and then wrapped around the waist one time. This garment mainly consists of silk which can be seen through.

How do you tell how long it will take to grow your hair?

That depends on the person. It can take anywhere from a few months up to over a year until someone’s hair reaches its desired length.

What is popular now?

Two of the most popular styles are Atsushi’s “spider” haircut and Koushi’s short ponytail. Someone has long hair but doesn’t have pictures of it up! Why?
There are many possibilities as to why this could be the case:
The person may not want their face shown on the internet for various reasons 2)
They may not have been around to update their site.