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Shelby County divorce: Take these five essential steps

Shelby County divorce

Getting through a divorce can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. When the marriage is no longer valuable, and there is no room to reconcile with your spouse, the divorce may seem like an obvious outcome. If you want to file for divorce in Shelby County, consider seeking legal help. Talk to lawyers of top firms, such as The Harris Firm, to get a quick overview of Alabama laws. In this post, we will discuss the five essential steps to take.

  1. Get your financial information sorted: From the assets you own with your spouse to income details, you need to sort your financial information, which your attorney will need to review before advising on any matter. Planning your life after the divorce is critical.
  2. Consider whether you need alimony: If your income is significantly lower than your spouse’s or when you are unable to keep up with the same standard of living after separation, you may want to speak to your attorney. Your lawyer can tell you better whether alimony is an option.
  3. Protect your children: In a divorce, parents often fail to protect the interests of the minor children, primarily because they are too engaged in the proceedings. Avoid talking ill about your spouse before the kids, and make sure they understand the best version of the situation. You may want to take them to therapy, especially if your children are grown up.
  4. Keep things private: Unless necessary, avoid talking about the divorce with your family and friends. You may want to retain essential details until the proceedings are over. Remember that people may empathize, but they cannot help you in most situations. Also, if you are dating, keep things discreet and maintain a low profile.
  5. Agreeing to things verbally: Getting the paperwork right is critical for your divorce. Even when you and your spouse agree to the divorce and other significant issues, you need to create an accurate agreement. Ask your attorney, who is probably already familiar with court matters in Shelby County, to guide you in this regard.

Final word

Finally, try to resolve every conflict outside of the court. Contested divorces are complex, expensive, and often time-consuming, and you don’t want to go for litigation, especially when there are options like mediation. If you have experienced legal counsel, they will take care of every aspect and ensure you don’t miss any details about laws in Alabama.