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Moving To Scotland: 7 Important Things That You Need To Know About Moving to Scotland


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In the beginning, moving to a new country can be confusing and challenging. You’ll need to get to know new people, become familiar with the culture, customs and practices even the simplest tasks like going to the store or taking the bus could be a challenge. If you’re planning to move to Scotland, we’ve put together an outline of what you need to be aware of when moving to Scotland.

7 important things that you need to know about moving to Scotland

1. As an American citizen, moving to Scotland

Relocating out of your country is a stressful experience, from finding a suitable location to selecting the most relevant international moving service and arranging your budgets, packing your belongings, making sure you have all the documents, and taking several other steps before your international relocation. Don’t forget the most important thing is your visa application!

The situation you’re in will determine why you’re planning to move to at-home, study, and work in the United States; you’ll need to apply for a suitable visa. It is best to contact the British Embassy in Washington or any other British consulate close to your residence for accurate information regarding your application, even though there are many options. Here is a list of the most common visas.

Work Visa

If you’re moving following the fact that you’ve already discovered and secured an interview for a job, such as through an online discussion, you’ll need to apply for a working visa. Your employer will likely aid in this process since they are your sponsor. In addition to providing you with a sponsor, however, your employer may be required to pass a Resident Labor Market Test to show that no one within the European Economic Area has the same qualifications as you to ensure that EU ex-pats are given preference within this area.

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Student Visa

A student visa is required if you want to study in Scotland. In most cases, before moving, you must secure admission to a university or school, like that of the University of Edinburgh or any other accredited educational institution. Check out this Study In Scotland website to learn more on the subject. The course gives you the chance to stay for two more years after you have completed your studies.

If you’re thinking of moving for work or business and are concerned about bringing the family along, the procedure is straightforward. The family members can apply for visas along with you. But, you must prove that you’ll have the ability to provide them with financial support and confirm that you’ll stay together.

2. Opportunities for employment in Scotland

You’ll be delighted to learn that Scotland provides opportunities in many areas of work, including teaching, health, and science, as well as creative arts and finance. You’ll probably find something to fit your career path. 

3. Expatriates in Scotland: Where to Live?

There’s a distinction between village and city life. Being in a village can cause you to experience cultural differences more firmly. You may initially have difficulty fitting into the locals’ lifestyle, particularly in the case of traveling abroad by yourself and intend to live on your own. It is recommended that you find an apartment in larger cities, including Edinburgh, Dundee, and Glasgow. While urban life is noisy, these cities, including Edinburgh, have reliable transportation, are highly diverse in their culture, and have plenty of excellent schools.

4. How much does it cost to live in Scotland?

Suppose you’re thinking of renting an apartment or a home, especially in a bigger city such as Edinburgh. In that case, You should consider renting through private landlords is more affordable than renting through agencies. However, it is essential to be cautious as some landlords rent out illegally. Despite this, it is necessary to be cautious since some landlords rent out illegally. If you choose to rent from an individual landlord, you must inquire about their registration numbers. 

Although the cost of essential utilities is lower in Scotland than in some other parts of the United Kingdom, it can still be more depending on the city. Utility costs in large cities around the world are also a little higher. Based on current pricing in Edinburgh, the average prices listed below are.

Although the cost of living is like that in the US, it is essential to be aware that there are additional taxes on local services like schools, garbage collection, municipal maintenance, general city services, and even the TV tax. This is contingent on your location and what kind of home you’re living in. 

4. How much does it cost to live in Scotland?

5. Scottish NHS for Ex-pats

Scotland administers the National Health Service, which is funded through taxes. Therefore, if you’re employed and self-employed in Scotland, you’re legally entitled to health care for free. The same is true for the entire family, So there’s no reason to fret. Students who take full-time courses also get health benefits for free. And even if you’re just part-time, it’s possible to be eligible.

6. Interesting Facts About the Country

If you’re looking to learn what you can about living abroad in Scotland, here is some exciting information about what you can expect when you arrive at the new place you’ve chosen to call home.

Scotland’s Variety of Accents

Although the language barrier isn’t a problem, you could be confused as similar to the UK, the people of Scotland have accents based on geographical location and class. The words used, intonation, and pronunciation will give the impression. In larger cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, there is a different accent.

Enticing Scottish Landscapes

If you’ve sifted through photos many times, nothing can compare to the real thing. From the mountains to the tiny islands, the natural landscapes are truly unique. The vast expanses of lush green land are ideal for exploring. If you’re traveling with your dogs, the stunning Scottish landscape is perfect for your dog’s companions. If you’d like to get a second glimpse of the future waiting for you, take a look at this video that showcases the stunning views.

7. Getting to know the Scots

Depending on where you reside or go after arriving, You’ll be exposed to various cultural aspects. Scots are proud of their history and customs. But Scottish people are incredibly welcoming and open and open to changes and new living styles. Take advantage of this chance to discover Scotland better by engaging in the culture of Scotland and a brand new life. Scots will make you feel comfortable.


We hope that our checklist of essential information regarding moving to Scotland has helped you plan your trip. Best of luck with your international relocation.