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PS4 So Loud: A Detailed Guide About Why Is My PS4 So Loud?

why is my ps4 so loud

Last Updated on November 19, 2022 by Hamna Nouman

So you switch on your PS4 in anticipation of these few hours of gaming, but as soon as it starts to help power, it noises like a jet taking off. The noise of the PS4 noisy fan has now destroyed your entire gaming experience. Don’t be discouraged; this appears to be a typical issue that most PS4 owners have encountered. Noise-canceling headphones are an option, but they aren’t the ideal option.

Why is my PS4’s so loud?

Stop asking yourself, “Why is my PS4 fan so loud?” all the time. This is a subject that practically every PS4 owner has asked themselves. Let’s have a glance at why the PS4 is so loud, and perhaps you’ll be able to figure out why.

1. Debris

The most common cause of your PS4’s noisy fan is dust. Dust is everywhere, and you can’t get away from it. Yes, you can cleanse the outside, but airborne dust can also sneak into the console. The more dust that collects within the PS4 console, the louder it becomes. It would help if you used a dust mask to solve this problem.

2. Graphically demanding games

Games with amazing visuals are fun to play, but they can tax your computer. This can lead the CPU to overheat, causing your PS4 fan to spin nonstop. The fan accelerates up and tries to collapse the unit when this happens, resulting in the obnoxious noise you hear. This can also occur if your game isn’t installed correctly.

3. The PlayStation 4’s hard disc

The PS4 hard drive could be another source of the console’s excessive loudness. Because when platters spin in search of data, this happens. If this happens, it could signify that your hard drive is failing. A noisy hard disc is not a good indication, and it should be investigated immediately.

4. Fans for cooling

When used for long periods, air conditioners in your console keep the equipment from overheating. They can spin excessively fast or become dusty, both of which cause noise.

5. Other console components

The noise emanating from your console could potentially be due to faulty parts or loosened screws.

6. A console that is old or broken

Parts of your console may loosen over time, while others wear entirely away. This could be the explanation of the noise you’re hearing.

How to fix a PS4 fan that is too loud?

First and foremost, determine the noise source. A rattling noise implies a loose element, whereas a whining noise indicates hardware problems. Meanwhile, the fan will get louder if the PS4 overheats or the fan accumulates too much dust.

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How to make the PS4 quieter without having to open it?

Check out the tips below on making your PS4 quieter without opening it.

1. Make sure your PlayStation 4 is in a well-ventilated place.

A loud PS4 fan can be resolved by simply moving the system to a location with enough airflow. Cooling vents are located on either side and at the back of your PS4 console. The vents on the sides are for air intake, while the vents on the rear are for air exhaustion. As a result, you must ensure that there does not impede within a reasonable distance of the unit. The cooling system needs to pump as much chilling air as possible into the console. The fan starts in if your PS4 becomes too hot while playing.

When your controller becomes too hot, it puts too much strain on the fan, causing it to work twice as hard, culminating in the loud whirring noise you hear. Set your console aside for a few minutes to allow it to rest, and the sound should subside.

2. Set your PS4 to the vertical position.

We’d all set our PS4 diagonally, but repositioning it may be beneficial. Many people have discovered that putting your console vertically can help to avoid noise and overheating issues. Give this strategy a shot because it’s simple and requires little work.

3. Make use of a cooling rack

Because the PS4’s cooling fan is placed at the bottom of the unit, elevating it provides for improved airflow. Allow some room beneath the console for the fan to rest and quiet down. You can raise your console with any object you have on hand or buy a cooling stand. The conditioning stand will cause the air ejected from the consoles to escape without colliding with the table. A cooling perspective can prevent overheating and extend the life of your equipment.

4. Make use of a vacuum.

It’s a simple remedy if you can pinpoint the noise source and determine it’s coming from the fan. Please keep in mind that this technique is a little unconventional, which may not be the ideal option because it may cause any damage to your device. If your PS4 is making a noise due to dust buildup, try sucking up all of the dust through to the vent with a vacuum. While that was one of the simplest methods, a cleaner with strong suction can damage some of the unit’s sensitive inner workings. So, if you choose to follow this way, go with caution.

5. Make use of a compressed air can

A can of air compressor is a significantly superior alternative to a vacuum cleaner. Spray through all of your console’s vents and inputs. This will clear any pet hair, dust, or other debris from the PS4 cooling system and other system elements. You should notice a significant difference if you do here once a month.

6. Restore system files that have been corrupted

Thoroughly corrupt files on your controller database could cause your PS4’s loud fan. Due to multiple functions running simultaneously, corrupted files can force your fan to work even harder to cool away from the unit. This can also happen when games aren’t installed correctly, causing the CPU to work overtime, causing the machine to overheat.

7. Place anti-vibration mats under your PS4 console.

To restrict the amount of sound that can be heard, place the consoles on anti-vibration pads. These leather pads can completely transform your gaming experience by allowing you to focus on the work at hand. They let more air into the console, allowing the fan to run more efficiently.


As with other consoles and devices, hardware problems will eventually affect the PS4. It’s common to hear loud fan noises inside your console when experiencing issues. PS4’s cooling system depends heavily on its built-in fan, so it’s imperative to address this problem as soon as possible. Hopefully, this guide will assist you in resolving the loud fan issue on your PS4.