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A Comprehensive Guide About How Much Do Car Salesmen Make In Commission?

how much do car salesmen make in commission

Commissions on car sales vary depending on the dealership but typically range from 20% to 30% of the profit. The profit margin varies depending on the dealer. In the end, a skilled salesperson at a well-known dealership can earn more than $50,000, but still, the average is far lower. This is due to sales with just “mini” incentives and the additional cost of the dealership “pack.”

Car salesman

Car salesmen sell cars and additional services to their customers, such as warranties and maintenance plans. Car salespeople represent customers during negotiations with dealerships about vehicle transactions. They assess their needs and budget to provide customers with a car that is suitable for their needs and budget. A car salesman must be passionate about sales and willing to work regular business hours, including weekends.

How are new-car commissions determined?

New car salespeople are paid mainly on a contractual basis, with commissions ranging from 20 to 30 percent of net earnings, 25 percent being the most typical. In practice, determining how much salespeople are charged and how they have been compensated can be difficult. Most new automobile sales, for example, are divided into two stages: the sale and the refinancing of the deal, with the salesperson’s income depending only on the sale.

Another thing to keep in mind about the operating profit on a new vehicle’s sale is that it is common for the dealer to lose money on many new car purchases. You might be wondering how the dealer manages to stay in business. He stays afloat because the financing benefits usually more than compensate for the loss.

Dealer invoiced cost

The dealer’s invoiced cost for the automobile is $25,400. The typical markup on a new automobile transaction is surprisingly low, at around 5% for a low-cost vehicle and 10% for a high-end vehicle. On that $25,400 automobile, a 5% profit equals $1,270. The sales commission would be $317.50, 25% of the net profit.

However, there is a snag. The vehicle in question is a 2016 model, and the dealer’s goal in early 2018 is to sell it and get it off the lot before it could be value drops any further. The dealership may decide that the car’s target price is not the billing total of $25,400 plus the 5% fee, or $26,670. Instead, it’s priced at $24,000, or $1,400 less than the invoice price, to get the automobile off the lot as quickly as possible.

In the eyes of the dealer, this is a decent bargain. This same back-end, which is the actual financing of the car, might make a profit of $2,000 upwards of, covering the loss from the front and leaving a profit of at least $600. For the salesperson, the outcome is less than ideal. There is also no 5-percent commission, and there was no profitability on the sale itself. Meanwhile, the salesperson receives a “mini,” which is a flat lowest threshold on the sale in auto-dealer jargon. The tiny might be as low as $125 during this $24,000 deal.

Pack is another aspect

“The pack” is another aspect that influences how much money a salesman makes on a new automobile transaction. The pack is an unpredictable sum that a dealer can add to their invoice for processing, carrying charges or other reasons. It’s essentially a method for the dealer to make more money by lowering the sales commission. For example, if the invoicing cost is $30,000, the standard 5-percent profit would be $1,500, and the 25% sales commission would be $375. However, if the dealership includes a $400 pack, the modified cost is $30,400, and presuming the sales price stays this very same, the profit is $1,100 rather than $1,500.

Minor Advantages

Considering the average car sales associate makes about 10 or 11 sales per month, the combined effect of cars attempting to sell at a loss or at a reduced profit, which generates a $125 mini-commission, and other commissions being significantly lowered by packs going to add to the invoice cost, indicates that selling cars is unlikely to make anybody wealthy.

On the plus side, bonuses are frequently paid for selling a set number of automobiles in 30 days or purchasing add-ons like dry rot and undercoating. Dealers adore add-ons because their markups are more significant than those on the vehicle itself. A good salesperson may end up with about as much income in their wallet from marketing add-ons as from the sale’s commission.

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A Car Salesman’s Average Salary

Consider a career as a vehicle salesperson if you’re gregarious, relationship-oriented, and have the gift of gab. These folks are knowledgeable about the automobiles they’re selling and possess the persuasion abilities necessary to overcome objections and convert a “maybe” into a “yes.” Most automobile salespeople operate for a dealer. Their base wage is likely to be low, as they rely heavily on commissions dependent on the dealer’s gross profit on the vehicle. As a result, the more automobiles you sell, the more and more money you make.


Although it varies by the dealership, car salespeople often work regular business hours, including weekends and holidays. During busy seasons, there may be chances for overtime. You’ll spend most of your working day at the dealership, taking people on brief test drives. When kneeling and stooping are involved, the job can be physically demanding, and you’ll be on your feet for the majority of the day. You may need to perform some research on the vehicles you’re selling. Purchasers will ask you any questions, and if you can effectively describe the car’s merits, you’ll have a greater chance of making purchases.

A successful salesman’s qualities and skills

A privileged minority of top sales specialists closes the bulk of all sales in each sales firm, and they benefit from increased commissions, bonuses, and incentives. Whereas a rewards-based profession like sales offers minimal incentives to individuals in the center of the pack, most people do not live in it if they aren’t among the best. You must understand & cultivate the attributes of an excellent salesperson to become successful as just a sales professional.


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