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5 fashion blogger marketing strategies for Instagram

5 fashion blogger marketing

There are over 2 billion active Instagram users around the world. And do you know what they all have in common? They all wear clothes! Which is exactly the audience a fashion blogger would want to reach. When you’re ready to extend your marketing reach, here are five Instagram marketing tips for fashion bloggers.

Make the best content possible

Having 2 billion people to showcase your fashion to is amazing. But it also means there’s a lot of competition online. All those users mean millions of posts are uploaded to Instagram every single day! If you want to stand out, your content needs to be amazing.

Make sure everything you post to your Instagram feed is of the highest quality possible. You want users to stop scrolling to stare at your eye-catching content.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the time to design incredible content from scratch. When you need to make a post quickly, check out some of the templates for fashion posters available online from websites like PosterMyWall.

With a template, you can speed up the content creation time without sacrificing quality. All templates are professionally designed, so you never have to worry about whether your posts will look good on your Instagram feed.

Stick with your own style

Sure, you might sell clothes. But what fashion bloggers really sell is style! Make your Instagram page instantly recognizable by showcasing your own unique style and sticking with it.

Much of building a brand is consistency. You don’t want to post mostly vintage styles but every now and then come out with a minimalist outfit. That’ll throw off your entire audience.

Don’t follow the trends; make the trends. Find your style and make it the cornerstone of your Instagram profile. Your followers will instantly recognize your style, even if they see it outside of Instagram.

Use plenty of fashion hashtags

The main downside to social media marketing is that only your followers can typically see your posts. To extend your marketing reach, use hashtags.

Hashtags group your content with similar posts in the Instagram platform. For example, if you add #fashion to your post, Instagram will put your post with all the others that use the same hashtag. Users can search for the #fashion hashtag and see all the posts in that group, helping them discover new pages — like yours!

Most marketing professionals suggest using between three and five hashtags per post. And since you want to make the most of your limited hashtags, do a bit of research beforehand. Find out which hashtags related to your content are currently trending and add them to your posts for the most traction.

Tag your products

The end goal of being a fashion blogger is to sell clothing and products. And Instagram makes it a bit easier to achieve that goal by allowing you to tag the products you use in your looks.

Shopping tags let users hover or click on the various items in your post to see what they are and where to order them. Simply add the items to your online store, and you can easily sell more products than ever before right from your Instagram page!

Your followers want to know what you’re wearing. Show them!

You might be selling plenty of products on your Instagram page, but you’re still a blogger, after all. You want people to visit your website and read your content. Why not use your Instagram page to send followers to your blog?

While you might not be able to actually include the link to your blog in your various posts, you can put your blog’s link in your bio. Whenever you come out with a new look, simply remind everyone to visit the link in your bio to learn more.

When they click the link, they’ll go straight to your blog and read all about your inspiration and the various pieces that make up your look.

Nobody really likes reading super-long Instagram posts. Linking back to your blog is a great way to provide more in-depth explanations and stories for your styles without bothering people with a novel on your social media feed.

Take your fashion blog to the next level

With so many users around the world, Instagram is the perfect platform to promote your fashion blog. However, it takes more than simply uploading pictures of your latest style. There are a few tricks you can use to help your page stand out from the crowd.

When you’re ready to promote your fashion blog on Instagram, be sure to post only the highest quality content, stick with your own unique style, use relevant and popular hashtags, use shopping tags to tag your products, and include a link to your blog in your bio.

If you follow all these tips, there’s no way anyone will be able to miss your latest fashions. Now go out there and set some trends!