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10 Fab spring/summer hair trends for 2023


Last Updated on March 8, 2023 by Atiqa Chauhdary

10 Hair Trends You Need To Try In 2022


Every season has its share of opportunities to try something new with your looks. This spring and summer season has brought us some interesting hair trends to try in 2022. It’s time to switch up your look with the blooming flowers and welcome the warmer days of 2022 with some amazing spring and summer hairstyle trends. 

Experiment with your wild side this season with flaming red hair, a striking new hairstyle, or even bangs. If you’re interested in joining the rebellious hair trend but aren’t sure where to begin, here are some trendy ideas to inspire you.

From strawberry pink to fiery red hairstyle trends, here are the top 10 spring and summer hairstyles to bring out your wild side using top quality virgin Remy hair.


  1. Rapunzel Hair With 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave

Rapunzel body wave hairstyle

If you’re not ready to make the chop this season, another dramatic hair trend to consider is long Rapunzel hair using the gorgeous 8A Brazilian virgin hair body wave. From Megan Thee Stallion to supermodel Naomi Campbell, 8A Brazilian virgin hair body wave has been making its way onto the red carpets. 8A shade has a shine that can appear nearly blue under bright light, and the body wave pattern is a win on its own. A simple middle part with a long deep wave hairstyle is to die for!

  1. Chunky Highlights Using Kinky Straight Hair Bundles

Chunky highlights 

Chunky highlight is taking over the hair world. The look is back, with Rihanna donning it in the recent Savage x Fenty campaign and Avril Lavigne blending stripes with her orange ends. Don’t have kinky straight hair? Use kinky straight hair bundles to achieve the look.

Chunkier highlights and two-toned hair on kinky straight hair bundles make a noteworthy impression. This is all thanks to their roots in the 2000s era scene girl culture that everyone loved and still loves!

  1.  Graffiti Hair Using Kinky Straight Hair Bundles

Graffiti Hair 

Thanks to Rihanna and Dua Lipa, graffiti hair makes a huge comeback this spring. Much of the buzz around graffiti hair has been editorial, from full-blown starburst patterns to even words. But Rihanna’s more casual approach using kinky straight hair bundles will likely inspire others to try the colorful trend for more day-to-day use. Our personal favorite Rihanna Graffiti look is black and red.

  1. Dramatic Braids Using Top Quality Virgin Remy Hair

Jumbo Braids

After baby braids were all the rage in 2020 and 2021, it’s time for their bigger sister, the jumbo braid, to take center stage in 2022. Colorful jumbo braids with customized hair accessories are truly a great outlet to express yourself with your hair.

If you need some enhancement help, we highly recommend top quality virgin Remy hair for the best results. We have all seen A-list celebs like Beyonce and Solange Knowles rock this hairstyle with their version of jumbo braids from a normal braid to extravagant variations on the red carpet. 

  1.  Power Bob Using Kinky Straight Hair Bundles

The Power Bob

Towards the end of last year, British Vogue claimed that the power bob is back with razor-sharp edges, and we are here for it! From actress Zendaya to supermodel Joan Smalls, the power bob with bangs are here to stay this summer. The rockstar energy of the strong center part and shoulder-grazing style appeals to everyone. It has a distinct personality. 

Everyone loves a good straight bob moment, and you can too by using kinky straight hair bundles. The kinky straight hair texture has the perfect amount of sheen, softness, and volume that regular straight hair typically lacks. 

  1. Vibrant Butterfly Clips

The Butterfly Clips

Almost every hair trend from the 2000s has resurfaced in the cyclical trend loop at this point, including wispy up-dos and vintage hair accessories. The victorious reappearance of girlish, multicolored butterfly clips is perhaps the most shocking aspect of the resurgence. 

Butterfly clips, which have been fluttering around for the past year, were worn at music shows. This colorful hair trend is trending on TikTok and looks especially fabulous on virgin Brazilian curly hair bundles. The butterfly clips create a perfect illusion of floating on curls!

  1.  The Stretch Comb Look From Euphoria

The Stretch-Comb Headband 

Who can ignore the tense opening episode of season two of Euphoria? If you watch the show, you’ll note that Maddy has her hair pulled back with a Y2K staple: the stretch-comb headband staple. Use the headband to pull your hair back and flatten it a few inches from your hairline to achieve this look. Channel your inner Maddy’s self-assurance and hoop earrings to round out the ensemble.

You can also replicate Maddy’s long locks using any top quality virgin Remy hair. But 8A Brazilian virgin hair body wave would look awesome with a stretch-comb hairband!

  1.  Side Cornrow Braid With Weave

Side Cornrow Braid With Weave

Why not add side cornrows to your braids for a distinctive look? You can achieve the ‘faux-undercut’ look with this style. Try combining side cornrows with other braids if you want to take it to the next level. Dutch braids with side cornrows are a unique combination. At the crown of your head, you can even add some contrasting cornrows. 

Whatever you choose, this is an enjoyable and adaptable style to try. It’s also great for emphasizing your face’s bone structure by bringing out cheekbones and framing the temples.

  1.  Cotton Hairbands on 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave

Cotton Headbands

Like we said earlier, early hair trends are making a serious comeback, including cotton headbands. Yes, cotton hair bands are making their round on the red carpet. 

We love the purple cotton hairband moment with Cardi B with her matching cotton headband and outfit. Cotton headbands are complete with wavy hair like 8A Brazilian virgin hair body wave, so make sure to style this accessory with wavy hair.  

You can wear them at home to keep your hair back while you wash your face, but they’re updated with a sleek high ponytail or a modernized ’60s bouffant when paired with a sleek high ponytail or with wild volume for a modernized ’60s bouffant. Although it’s difficult to go wrong with them, you’ll want to maintain the hairband broad and smooth to be on-trend this year.

  1. Pastel Colored Hair With Top Quality Virgin Remy Hair

Purple Pastel Shade

Pastel hair color options aren’t just for spring and summer days. In the winter, you can also wear one appealing shade. You’ll discover one that matches your skin tone precisely, whether it’s metallic blue, sweet pink, or ash silver. These lighter tones will undoubtedly soften your entire appearance and completely transform your look. 

We highly recommend using top quality virgin Remy hair for this hair trend because of its hair quality. Top quality virgin Remy hair is not processed, so when you color them, it will not damage the hair, unlike other pre-processed hair. 


Famous hair trends from the past this spring and summer shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that nostalgia is at an all-time high right now. Naturally, the same nostalgia will influence the hottest haircut styles in 2022. Consider crazy up-dos, (nearly) every type of bang, long layers, and braids that have evolved. The options are truly limitless!

If you are ready to switch up your look dramatically this warm spring and summer, shop at True Glory Hair for top quality virgin Remy hair in different styles and unbeatable prices!