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Top Ten Services Provided By  Wilmington Walk-In Center Clinic

Top Ten Services Provided

An illness or injury might not seem life-threatening at all. But it could still make you panic when you are not finding any support around. In the event of a medical emergency, you can walk into the Wilmington urgent care clinic. This is a professional medical facility that provides you with immediate medical support. You will rest assured to get a prompt response from a registered physician. The clinic is offering quality healthcare to the patients for the time when your primary healthcare office is closed. You can find a wide array of services by visiting the center. Let’s unveil its top 10 medical services, which are available easily at affordable prices.

Burns And Cuts

Burns and cuts are painful regardless of their size. The urgent care center can provide you with prompt care for the wound caused by injury. However, you might prefer to deal with it via a DIY process. But, doing this might end up in more severity and pain. So, why should you make the pain harsh when a physician at urgent care is available to help you? You can get the best cure for the burn and cuts with the right medication and dressings.


An ear infection might seem a little health concern but can put you in graved discomfort. The cause of ear infections might be an extra build-up of wax or internal infection. But these symptoms are not negligible at all. So, you must see urgent medical services for appropriate treatment. This could include ear wax removal and medication for infection or pain.

Flu Or Fever

Nasal congestion, sore throat, and headache, all are the symptoms of fever. You can also experience mild to severe cough with fever. However, ignorance of these symptoms might lead to severe flu. This could increase the discomfort, which is mainly caused by viral infection. So, without any delay, you can rush to the nearest urgent clinic to get the diagnosis.

EKG Testing

At Wilmington urgent care center, you can also get testing for your heart. EKG testing is available in the clinic so you can detect your heart health. Chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and tightness in the chest are signs of heart disease. So, you must track the cause early with this testing without any delay.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A cure for STDs is really important as such infections can transform into serious illnesses. The possible causes are unsafe sex, bacterial infection, parasites, etc. So, you must consult with your urgent care physician in case you seek any symptoms. You will be thoroughly evaluated and get a diagnosis for prevention and cure.

Animal Bites

If you are bitten by a venomous insect, then this could be a matter of concern. You cannot neglect the symptoms regardless of the size of the cut. Sometimes small insects can cause big damage to the health. So, you must reach the clinic for immediate help and diagnosis. You will also get treatment for dog bites which can also prove harmful for life if not treated properly.

Women Health

Wilmington urgent care and the family clinic are also dedicated to women’s health which is vital. So, you can make a visit for any health issues related to your reproductive health. The facility of Pap smear test is also available at your disposal to ensure cervix health. You can also visit for check-ups during pregnancy and can get assistance for childcare too.

IV Hydration And Vaccination

You can visit your nearest walk-in facility to have IV hydration if you feel low due to dehydration. You will be provided nutritional health through IV and injections.

Covid Diagnosis And Antibody Testing

Covid is still lurking around the community that has a low and high impact on people. If you experience the symptoms, you must walk into the clinic for covid testing with PCR and Antigen. This would help you to know whether you are infected or not by covid. You can also get antibody covid testing and vaccination for prevention.

Physical Testing

You can undergo physical testing to know if you are in good health condition. You can avail of this service for pre-employment purposes, immigration, and prior to undergoing surgery.

To Sum Up

These are the top 10 services that you can get at wilmington urgent care clinic. You do not have to wait longer for these services as this is a walk-in facility. You would not have to schedule an appointment with the doctor as per working hours. But you can set the visiting schedule as per your own convenience. The working hours of clinics are extended, and all these services are available at lower prices than in hospitals.