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The Top 7 Mistakes You Can Make When Hiring a Python Developer


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Most companies are looking to hire Python developers these days, and the stakes are high when you’re trying to find the right one. In order to avoid making a bad hire, be sure to avoid these seven common mistakes that many hiring managers make when they try to hire Python developers.

1) Hire someone who will do it right.

If you want to hire a python developer, make sure they can do it right. An experienced developer will provide you with code that is well-structured and readable, but many newer developers will write messy code that can be difficult to read and understand. When hiring someone new, ask them if they have experience developing software in Python; if so, ask them to show some of their previous work.

2) Python developers are hard to find.

Learning how to hire a python developer, however, is something that should not be left to chance. Being able to find and then effectively communicate with python developers can be one of your biggest assets as an entrepreneur or business owner. Use these tips and tools to ensure you don’t make any costly mistakes in hiring your next python developer. The information provided here will help you learn how to hire a python developer more efficiently. ….. The most important tip for hiring successful candidates is your interview process: ……. If you plan on hiring a realtor to sell your home, they’ll also be responsible for marketing it. Real estate companies usually have access to multiple listing services which allows them to advertise your property to multiple people at once. This might include friends, family members and co-workers; anyone who’s interested in buying homes near yours or around your area might see those ads so keep that in mind if you decide on advertising through one of these sources.

3) Hire an expert at everything.

If you’re serious about hiring developers, don’t hire one person to do it all—hire an expert at everything. A great developer might have been mentored by someone for years and become an expert in your language of choice or even your business domain. These experts know what questions to ask and how to evaluate candidates based on their experience.

4) Expect the best, but don’t pay more than you have to.

Are you looking to hire python developers for your company, but want to make sure you don’t end up overpaying? Take a look at what good python developers are charging and make sure you’re not expecting too much. Once you know what they should cost, make sure you’re clear on what they will be doing. In many cases, hiring a developer doesn’t have to be complicated. If you can articulate what exactly you need done—including how long it takes and how frequently it must be updated—your chances of being successful increase greatly. Finally, try to hire someone who shares your vision for success; if you want something that won’t work well with another programmer, then make sure that other programmer is willing to accommodate those needs before signing any contracts. Keep these three tips in mind when hiring python developers and you could save yourself a lot of time and money!

5) Time and time again.

The top mistake you can make when hiring any developer is hiring without making sure that they’re ready for your project. Take some time to determine whether or not they have enough experience with python, and if they don’t, talk to them about where they are in their career; these developers may need more mentorship than other hires. And, if you already hired them…time to fire them! Seriously though–you’ll need someone who has knowledge of programming languages in general and python specifically. Depending on what platform you want to deploy onto (languages will vary), you might even be looking at multiple languages: Java for android development, Swift for Apple devices…you get it. This type of candidate needs to be able to communicate well, both verbally and via written communication. A good rule of thumb?

6) Do you know what my budget is?

Asking your potential developer What is your hourly rate? is like starting a job interview by asking, How much do you make? The only difference is that (depending on how naive you are) it might be illegal to ask one but not the other. Similarly, if you don’t know how much money you can spend on an application or website, how can you expect anyone else to know either?

7) Why are you so much cheaper than everyone else?

Chances are you’re not—it’s just that customers make uninformed decisions when it comes to hiring developers. The best way to avoid these missteps is to take your time when evaluating potential hires and asking these questions: How long have you been in business? Are there testimonials or reviews on your website? Do you offer references? What specific technologies do you specialize in? How long have you been using them, and do they align with what I’m looking for from my developer?