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All Amazing Facts About Mushroom Blocks In Minecraft in 2023

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A brown mushroom block or a red mushroom block, depending on the color of the enormous mushroom, and a mushroom stem make up a mushroom block, which is a solid block.


Axes break mushroom blocks the fastest and drop 0–2 of the corresponding mushroom items when they do so. In the Bedrock Edition, stem blocks drop mushrooms, whereas only cap blocks in the Java Edition do. Mushroom drop rates are unaffected by fortune in any way.

The only way to get the blocks is by using a tool blessed with Silk Touch. A partnership with the texture of the mushroom cap or stem, respectively, on all faces, results from mining the mushroom.

Further, in the Java Edition, when two identical mushroom blocks were placed next to one another, and one of them broke, the pore texture of the second block was visible on the side it was facing.

This is because when these blocks touch a block of the same type, their sides change in texture.

Blocks made of mushrooms can be lifted and are unaffected by pistons.

Naturally occurring

As part of massive mushroom complexes, mushroom bricks are generated.

Inventive stock

The brown and red fungus blocks and the mushroom stem can be found in the Creativity inventory in Java Edition.

The Creative inventory in Bedrock Edition includes all-sided capstones, all-sided stem blocks, and all-sided pore blocks.


The mushroom stem can be utilized in the compost pile with a 65% chance of creating a new layer, while mushroom blocks have an 85% chance of doing the same.

The ID of mushroom block

The Java Edition has three mushroom blocks: Red Mushroom Blocks, Brown Mushroom Blocks, and Mushroom Stem, each with a unique ID.

There are just two IDs in the Bedrock Edition: brown mushroom block and red mushroom block. The two different types of enormous mushrooms have corresponding IDs despite having similar-looking stems. But the brown mushroom block is always the item id for the mushroom stem. The dumped item’s ID is still “brown mushroom block,” even after Silk Touch has mined the red mushroom stem. In the inventory of custom maps, a second block with the name “mushroom” is a “brown mushroom block” with air holes on any six sides.

How can you get mushroom pieces in the 1.19 upgrade to Minecraft?

In version 1.19 of Minecraft, giant mushrooms are unique, tree-like structures with a fantastic set of bricks. The vast gaming globe contains a variety of biomes thought up of many types of blocks, all of which can be acquired in various ways.

Dark Forests and Swamps (Bedrock only) are rarely home to giant mushrooms, but the Flower Fields biome is where they are most frequently found. If given enough bone meal, tiny mushrooms can develop into tree-like structures. These enormous mushrooms can be used to make mushroom blocks.

Block Varieties

Blocks come in two varieties for giant mushrooms: stem and mushroom bricks.

The stem bricks are the same in both varieties of giant mushrooms, but the mushroom pieces are very dissimilar. While one is beige with such a smooth texture, the other has a vivid red color with white polka dots.

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How are these mushroom blocks acquired?

Blocks won’t be obtained if players try to break them off a giant mushroom. A little mushroom may occasionally be dropped as a gift by the giant mushroom. On the contrary, applying the silk contact enchantment is the only way to get the mushroom stems blocks in the game. Thanks to this unique power-up, any instrument can break a brick and cause it to fall as-is without altering its state.

Players can quickly break and retrieve mushroom & stem blocks if this enchant is placed on a tool. In contrast to having varied textures when broken off the enormous mushroom, all six sides of these blocks have the same appearance when they descend as objects.

Making use of these blocks

The layer inside the composter block can be increased with these blocks, which is their primary usage. Given that they have an 85% likelihood of doing so, mushroom blocks are unquestionably the most effective strategy to increase your composter layer. A possibility of 65percentage points (Java Edition) or 85percent (Bedrock Edition) for mushroom stems to thicken the composter layer.

To create a powerful bass-like sound, arrange mushroom bricks underneath a note block. To sum up, the red mushroom bricks can also be used as ornamental blocks. The eye-catching red color with white polka dots in some builds might look fantastic. They don’t appear out of place in most situations because they have the same material on all six sides.

How can mushrooms grow on a block?

On full-surface blocks with light levels under 13 and away from the sun, mushrooms could be planted and produced. See Opacity/Placement for more details. They can remain planted in any light level, including beneath a skylight, if grown on mycelium, podzol, or helium.


In Minecraft, are mushroom trees possible to grow?

All players must do is add bonemeal to a mushroom in order to create a giant mushroom tree similar to those found in dark oak forests and mushroom biomes.