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iPhone 14 Vibrates For No Reason? Fix it with Cell Phone Repair Store.

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iPhone is famous for a lot of reasons, one of which is its sound, haptics and vibration. Many people love to turn on the vibration for the notifications of certain apps like emails, calls, texts and for social media platforms. No matter how much we love iPhone and its features, they can become most irritating when your iPhone doesn’t work properly. Have you gone through a situation where your phone doesn’t stop vibrating even for a second? Due to this problem, your love for vibration can turn into hatred in no time. It becomes annoying, particularly when taking any class or attending a meeting. Fortunately, Cell N Tech, a cell phone repair store in Beddington BLVD NW, has provided a few fixes to resolve the vibration issue, but before you start fixing this problem, you must first know why this issue occurs. How will you find a proper fix if you don’t know why? Knowing a certain thing helps you with its solution. It might be possible that you have accidentally misused the vibration settings, or you have installed apps that have messed up your sound settings, or your phone has faced exposure to water recently and triggered your phone vibration, or you have a bad-quality charger or cable that has messed up with vibration. Let’s review the fixes and find a solution for these reasons. 

Fixes To Solve iPhone 14 Vibration for no Reason

Force restarting your device has proven to be helpful over and over again. If you are experiencing that your gadget is vibrating for no reason, you must do a force restart and try to eliminate the issue. If you use iPhone 14, press the side and volume buttons to eliminate the issue. Hold it until you see the Apple logo on your screen. Wait a few minutes before turning the phone back on. Once your turn on the phone, you will see that the issue will no longer remain. If it persists, you must move on to the next step

Turn Off The Vibration

If force restarting your phone hasn’t solved the problem, you next must check the settings and see if they need to be fixed. If you are using iPhone 14, go to settings and select sound; from there, you will see an option “vibrate on silent”. Disable this feature immediately. It will turn the vibration off. But if you want to turn off the vibration feature for all the settings and apps, go to settings and tap on general. As you scroll down, you will see the accessibility option on your display. Click on it and turn off the vibration for all your phone activities as suggested by the cell phone repair centre. 

Mail Notifications

Another thing you must do to check the vibration settings is to check your mail notifications. Sometimes vibration for mail notifications is turned on, and the iPhone 14 keeps vibrating whenever we receive mail. Go to settings and tap on the notification centre. You will see a mail option on your screen. Find the mail option, open it, click on the alert, and tap “none.”. If you have multiple mailing accounts on your phone, you can turn off notifications for all of them because we receive hundreds of notifications in one mailing account daily. If your vibration is turned on, you will become crazy. Turning off the mail will make it easy for you to cope, as the phone repair Beddington BLVD NW experts suggested. 

Examine if Your Phone is not Wet.

If you have checked everything, including the notifications and settings, but you see nothing to fix, your phone might face a moisture issue. Your phone keeps on vibrating when there is moisture inside your device. If you are sure that your iPhone 14 has recently taken a trip to the water, then you would know water might be inside the components. According to cell phone repair Beddington BLVD NW, you can implement the old DIY method by putting your phone in a bowl of dry rice. Rice will absorb the moisture, but this method also has drawbacks. Dust and broken rice particles can enter the openings of your phone and can damage the tiny components by entering your device. You can also use silica gel packets to get rid of the moisture. You must have seen these packets in medicine bottles and several other stuff. These packets are shipped in packages to humid areas. It saves the package from moisture and humidity. 

Last Words

As we all love to keep a brand new iPhone 14 because of a lot of reasons, there are also many reasons behind its vibration issue and several other issues. If you have tried everything in your power, but the issue is still there laughing in your face, you can contact cell phone repairs Beddington BLVD NW experts. They provide premium services with affordable prices. They also provide guidance and original spare parts to help you overcome these issues. You can text, call and email them and book an appointment. If you can travel far away, you must take online guidance from the experts. They will schedule a meeting for you.