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Spectrum TV in 2023: Worth the investment?


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Spectrum by Charter Communications is one of the largest internet and TV providers in the United States of America. There is little that escapes the world of Spectrum technology with cable internet, fiber internet TV, and home phone, thrown in for good measure. Spectrum is known for good internet services, but what sets it apart is the great TV services it provides. There are different packages so you get to choose what you like best according to your budget and needs. Spectrum even takes care of the Hispanic population scattered across the US – offering them good entertainment options in their native language, Spanish. 

In this article, we discuss some of the basic things we can get with Spectrum TV, the package types, pricing, and why Spectrum is such a big hit with the people. So level your head and let us jump right in!

Spectrum TV – A pledge to complete entertainment

Spectrum TV is such an important entertainment option because it is flexible and has loads to offer. You get what you pay for and sometimes even more. The channels are too many to possibly get bored of and you get on-demand titles too on your Spectrum TV application. So any time you do not feel like watching the news, you can tune into your favorite movie instead!

Spectrum has no contracts and that is a big thing to consider if you are a potential customer. Too many times we hold back on quitting a subpar service because we do not want to pay the termination fees. With Spectrum, there is no such hassle. You can quit cold turkey at any point in time and they will not hold you accountable for anything. Which is how it should be.  

Spectrum vows to take care of the fun needs of their clients and they deliver well on that front. They keep adding more stuff to their channels and they do give you market competitive rates so you are never getting ripped off. Perhaps one of the best things about Spectrum TV is that it gives you multiple TV packages in different price ranges. This way you can choose a plan that you like best depending upon the pricing and the channel line-up you want. Spectrum makes it all too easy!

Spectrum TV Plans – If the shoe fits

The Spectrum TV plans are versatile so you may choose one that works best for you. They have different pricing so you can also keep your budget in mind while figuring out what you want. All Spectrum TV plans come with a free Spectrum TV app and access to thousands of on-demand titles for movies and TV shows. 

The plans for Spectrum TV are given as follows. 

  1. Spectrum TV Select  

Spectrum TV Select is one of the most basic TV plans that Spectrum has to offer. It has a channel lineup that has over 125 channels including Hallmark, ESPN, TLC, and the Food Network. You can catch the news on CNN, FOX News, and CNBC. Some popular sports channels on the line-up include ESPN 1 and 2, FOX Sports 1, and others. There is plenty of kid-friendly content on it too, like Nickelodeon. All this for a mere cost. The pricing for Spectrum TV Select starts at $49.99 per month that remains constant for the first 12 months. So, you get a good bargain either way. 

  1. Spectrum TV Silver 

Spectrum TV Silver is an upgrade on the TV Select and comes with a few more additions. The channel line-up consists of 175+ channels and has some premium channels on the roll too. You get HBO Max and SHOWTIME, which are usually hard to find with TV subscriptions. You can also catch up on live sports on NFL Network, NBA TV, and The GOLF channel. There is an ample amount of options for family and kids entertainment too with Disney XD, Nick Jr., TMC, and Discovery channel. Spectrum TV Silver has pricing that starts at $74.99 per month and stays so for the first 12 months. Spectrum Silver package has a good value for money.

  1. Spectrum TV Gold

Spectrum gold package is one of the best TV plans that Spectrum has to offer its customers. They claim it doesn’t get better than Spectrum Gold and we definitely believe that. With over 200 channels in the lineup to choose from, your weekend plans are always sorted with Spectrum TV Gold. The channels include HBO Max, STARZ, TMC, and SHOWTIME, premium network channels. Plus you get plenty of kid-friendly channels like Disney XD, Nick Jr., and many more. There is always something fun with Spectrum Gold at hand. The pricing for this luxurious package begins at $94.99 per month, constant for the first 12 months so you don’t have to worry about price hikes too. 

  1. Spectrum TV options for Spanish audiences 

Spectrum also loves to take care of their Spanish-speaking clients who want authentic Hispanic or Latino content. There are multiple plans that they can opt for with Spectrum TV. The Mi Plan Latino package comes with over 140 channels and some of the best original Spanish channels. These include Telemundo, Univision, CNN Espanol, Cartoon Network, and the Disney Channel. Pricing for this package starts at $34.99/month for the first year.

The Mi Plan Latino Silver is similar to the first plan but with some additional features. You get over 200 channels with Universo, TUDN, ESPN Deportes, Disney Junior, HBO Max, and SHOWTIME. There are a lot of other Spanish channels too. Pricing starts at $64.99/month for the first year.

Mi Plan Latino Gold is the ultimate entertainment package for Spanish-speaking clientele. It offers 250+ channels in its glorious lineup and has content for all kinds of people. It has STARZ ENCORE, Bein Sports (Espanol), NHL Network, and MTV2 plus many other Spanish channels with original productions. Pricing for Latino Gold starts at $84.99/month for the first twelve months. 

Final Word – Is Spectrum TV worth all the hype?

Spectrum TV is one of the most esteemed entertainment providers in the US. It offers great packages with good value for money, multiple pricing options, and channel lists that are to die for. You also get premium channels and on-demand content to stream on other devices through the complete free Spectrum TV application. Spectrum offers a contract buy-out, through which you can get rid of a previous contract with another provider so you can switch to Spectrum at any time. 

Spectrum has no contracts so you never have to fear getting bored but stuck with the service. You can cancel it at any time with zero repercussions. Spectrum TV has some wonderful plans that fit almost everyone’s needs. The Gold package in specific has great value giving you access to over 200 channels. The price tag of 94.99 USD per month may seem to be a little steep but when you consider all you get for the subscription, it does seem worth it. However, if you are still doubtful, you can always bundle your TV service with internet and a home phone and get more value for your package with Spectrum Double Play and Triple Play Deals. 

So is Spectrum TV worth the investment in 2022?

We certainly think so! 

Let’s start 2022 with smart and wise choices.