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Reduce Downtime With a Backup Printer


You wouldn’t want to have your system for point of sales in a state of failure because you’re running out of paper. This is also true in the issue of not having a range of ribbons if your current ribbon becomes too light for reading.

We’re not suggesting you own a massive warehouse of backup printers. However, we recommend reducing the time you are waiting for your printer to fail by using one backup printer for your company.

Remote printers and receipts are the components in your point of sales system that are the most susceptible to failure. They are the ones that get the most use and are subject to the highest wear and tear that you have. If one component in your system for point of sale is about to break, it is most likely one of the printers.

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The Truth About Service and Repairs

Nowadays, point-of-sale retailers pass on the manufacturer’s warranty directly to the business owner. In many cases, the retailer you purchased the device from isn’t the one who repairs the damaged hardware. They will often send the printer for repairs, but they never get past the essential maintenance made locally.

What it means to you is that you pay less for repairs but also a more extended downtime. In most instances, your local dealer will give you the option of a loaner program. Sometimes the loaner program comes as part of maintenance plans. The majority of maintenance plans require you, the owner of the business, to make a prepayment for a monthly or quarterly contract that covers repairs as well as loans. Take a close look at the price of this agreement to know what you’re paying for. You may be surprised by the cost compared to having your equipment for backup.

In the worst scenario, you must be prepared to experience a long period of downtime if a replacement printer is required. With your prepaid service agreement, the technician is entitled to drive to your business location, or you can expect a shipping time if you are more significant than one day from the service provider’s office.

For most companies, this is wholly unacceptable and can result in a substantial loss of customer service. If you’re a customer-focused company, this is unacceptable. If you wish to see your customers come back for more visits, you should avoid this scenario at all costs.

You Have Backup Ribbons, don’t you?

Printers’ prices are decreasing, as is the price of peripherals for computers. There’s no reason for your customers from the inconvenience caused by a malfunctioning printer. You have backup supplies like ribbons and papers to use with your printers. You also keep other equipment in your business, and you ought to save an additional backup printer.

Even if you’ve got an assortment of Dot-matrix printers as well as thermal printers inside your system for point of sale, it is advisable to look into having a dot matrix printer for backup.

The majority of printers today are “plug and play” with the same printer drivers. This means that they are compatible with other brands and models. In most cases, you can swap dots matrix printers for one with a thermal printer without issues.

The only significant difference that you may experience is the speed difference between a thermal and a dot matrix printer. In other words, you shouldn’t have any issues when you exchange the dot matrix printer for a thermal printer at the time of sale.

In restaurants, you’d not be able to install a thermal printer in a kitchen since the receipt could become black because of the heat from the kitchen. This is why you should purchase one backup printer for a POS system that has both dot matrix and thermal printers; it’s probably one that was a Dot Matrix printer.

Which printer should I buy?

Examine your printer at the point of sale to determine the type of interface. The majority of issues of sale devices utilize serial printers in every location. This makes the purchase of an additional printer very easy. You only need to purchase the serial printer to back up all printers on your system.

Suppose the parallel printer is employed as the point of purchase receipt printer, and an Ethernet or serial Ethernet printer is utilized as a remote printer. In that case, you’ll have to purchase two printers since most printers do not come with multiple interfaces.

It is important to note that I said the majority, but a few printers have multiple interfaces. Make sure before purchasing that the printer can work with different interfaces.

The Benefits for You

It’s easy. The downtime can be reduced from days or weeks to just a few minutes. When required to contact your service provider, you may have exchanged your broken printer and been back serving your clients. The situation now isn’t as urgent for your provider. They will send a technician to take your damaged printer and then send it off for repair.

There is no stress when an essential point of sale device is affected by a down printer.

Customers aren’t unhappy because they don’t receive an invoice, guest checks, or have their food leave the kitchen slowly due to the kitchen printer not working.

In only a couple of minutes, you’re back and running, where you might have been hampered for days because of a cost-effective element of your point-of-sale system, which you could have replaced yourself.