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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Characters, and All Other Information

Jujutsu kaizen Season 3 Release Date, Plot-line, Characters, and All Other Information

No official release date for the third season of anime has been revealed or confirmed. However, an interview with Toshiki Hirano (chief director) and Keiichi Satou (director) stated that season 3 would be released in 2017, but it could easily slip into 2018 if necessary. The reason for the long wait was due to a large amount of research and planning that had to go into making sure that their “Japanese animation and history would be as accurate and realistic as possible.”


Season 2 ends with all nations signing a peace treaty known as the “Shimabara Treaty.” It states that each country will not interfere in any way or form with its enemies. This is where season 3 picks up; 16 years after the Shimabara war ended, it could be possible to set off another war within Japa if one thing goes wrong, but what?

Characters in jujutsu kaisen season 3

Season 3 will also introduce new characters as well as old ones. Samurai from the Saga domain, Yagyuu clan, and Harutaka Five Spears clan will all have a role in the series and some other yet revealed characters. It’s been rumored that Juubei Kakei is the crucial character of season 3

Jūbē Kakei

“Jūbē Kakei is a former vassal of the Aizu House with a strong sense of justice seems to have appeared in this new series?”

Expected jujutsu kaisen season 3 release date

The start of the third season of the Japanese television drama “jujutsu Kaisen” is expected in July. The director of the series Takahashi Kazuya (Takahashi Kazuya) said he could finally show how his patient, kendo master Takeda Seijuro will have to play with swords.

A new anime series based on Shirato Sanpei, who wrote ​​”the story about one fight.” A year ago, Takahashi told fans about what Takeda seijūrō was able to draw a sword. Takahashi strongly insisted that now fans are waiting for natural action scenes – not only duels under conditions with no moves.

Takahashi is sure that most anime fans are tired of when the hero will draw his sword for the first time. According to him, these scenes look predictably and do not cause any feelings. Fans hope that it won’t be corny – like in most films with katana on TV screens. Takahashi believes that this problem can be solved if Takeda seijūrō picks up two swords at once. It seems that now the character will try this technique, making him one of the deadliest samurai ever existed. The director said he wanted to work with Takeda since childhood, but only now Dorozhku became available to Takahashi for this work. The new season is expected to air on TV Tokyo and Youth Kurabu.

Spoiler of jujutsu kaisen season 3

If the first two jujutsu Kaisen was about laying foundations, then this third season is about building on them. This time around, we get out of the dojo once again, except this time we find ourselves in Japan’s oldest city, Nara. We also get new characters – both old and new ones return, but only for brief guest appearances. Two staff members from kōkua kenkyūjo, Mochizuki, and Arisawa, are introduced. The Story is told from their perspective this time around.

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Expected Story of jujutsu kaisen season 3

Two consecutive events have left the life of Goku sensei in disarray. First is his wife’s death, Fusako, who passed away soon after giving birth to their son Daigo. The second is the loss of Hiroyuki Iwama’s left eye during a training session with his father-in-law – Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei. Due to these events, Gokui has temporarily stepped out of active duty, becoming an instructor at kōkua kenkyūjo instead, while Iwama takes over as 3rd generation Aikidoka.

The Story of this season is centered on Ueshiba’s philosophy and his belief in the art of Aikido. We follow Gokui sensei as he meets with several people to discuss it, even having a dinner party at one point, with each guest bringing their different perspective to the table. The concept that ties these discussions together is Ueshiba’s interpretation of what constitutes martial arts – along with its relationship to life itself. This forces both Gokui sensei and us, the readers/listeners, to think about our purpose in life and what direction we are headed towards.

There are no clear-cut answers given here, nor are there any easy solutions or clichés presented either, for that matter. What we get instead is a good look at how much Ueshiba’s thoughts and ideas have influenced those who silently walk in his path. The author has also expanded upon the reviews of other personalities, especially those of Jigoro Kano and Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei, giving extra insight into their relationship with each other and adding to what was already mentioned in previous seasons.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Is It New?

The songs were performed by King Gnu. The team model allowed MAPPA to create more visually stunning fight scenes. Toho published Jujutsu Kaisen 0 in Japan in December 2021, the US in March 2022, as well as other countries all year long.

Main Focus of jujutsu kaisen season 3

While the main focus this time around falls on gokui sensei, having him be the one to convey his message, there are brief mentions and insights about Iwama and Tada Hiroshi Sensei as well. With them appearing briefly during discussions and flashbacks throughout all three seasons, we learn more about Iwama’s background and his family’s ties to the Ueshiba’s – on both sides of the coin.


When will jujutsu kaisen season 3 be released?

There have been no official announcements made, but it has been stated in a blog post by the studio that it will be released in 2018.

Will there be a jujutsu kaisen season 3?

A blog post by the studio that produced jujutsu kaisen stated that they are planning for season three.

What is going to happen in jujutsu kaisen season 3?

Season three will continue the second season, so it will probably cover the same material as seasons 1 and 2.

When is the jujutsu kaisen season 3 release date?

There has not been an official announcement for this yet.

Who is going to be in jujutsu kaisen season 3?

Since it is a continuation of seasons 1 and 2, the same cast will probably be in it.

What channel is going to air jujutsu kaisen season 3?

The station that is currently airing the series has not been announced.