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How To Embed Slack On Website & Why It Is So Important?

To Embed Slack On Website

Last Updated on May 20, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Meta Description: Embed Slack on website to communicate with your business audience. This will not only helps you build brand trust but also upscale your business growth.

What do you think is the most significant thing in a business? If your answer is communication, you are correct. In business, internal and external communication is the base. If you cannot communicate, you can not grow. Slack, a communication tool, allows you to keep this base strong.

Are you tired of reaching everyone personally in the business to communicate? Stop! It is time to become advanced and change the way you communicate.

Slack, a message application, is a perfect solution to your problem. It allows you to communicate well with the internal and external people involved in your business. One more thing, do you know you can add Slack to your website? Interesting, right?

If you want to know how to embed Slack on website and why it is so important for your business, this blog is for you. Keep reading!

Steps To Embed Slack On A Website

1. Register Yourself With A Tool

If you have not created an account yet on any social media tool, do it now! It is the first step to embed slack on a website.

To register, you need to find a tool. You can choose to go with tools like Taggbox, Elfsight, Tagembed, etc.

2. Create The Slack Widget

As you log into the account, you will land on its dashboard. To create a slack widget, choose to add a social feed on the dashboard.

To add the social feed, you will get multiple options of social media channels. Select ‘slack’ as your option and process further.

3. Connect Your Slack account

The tools require you to connect your slack account. It is needed to proceed with the feed you have created. The purpose of linking your slack account is authentication. To log into your slack account, you need to enter the credentials on the dashboard of the tool you are working.

Once you connect the slack account, you will need to choose the connection type. You will get options like keywords, channel & keywords. You need to select one to create the feed successfully. Once you do it, the slack widget will appear on the tool editor.

The social media aggregators allow you to customize the slack feed. You can change the theme of your slack widget. The tool allows changing the background, font, color, style, and more while customizing the Slack Widget.

4. Get The Embed Code For Slack Widget

As you complete creating and customizing the slack widget, generate your Slack embed code. On the tool, publish this widget.

Once you publish the slack widget, you will get multiple website options like Wix, HTML, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and more. Select the website you want to embed slack on,

You will get an embed code as you choose your website. Copy this code. You are almost done, go further!

5. Embed Slack On The Website

Come to your Slack webpage where you wish to embed it. Navigate a location to embed slack on the website. Once you finalize it, paste the code in the backend of this web page.

As you paste it and save the changes, you complete the process. Easy, right? You must have thought that embedding slack on a website needs coding, technicalities, various skills, and god knows what! It is not the case. You need to follow this quick process, and you are sorted.

You understand the process is easy, but you must be wondering why to put in the effort to do it? Read further, and you will know about the exciting benefits you can get by embedding slack on a website.

Benefits Of Embedding Slack On A Website?

1. Boost User Engagement

Add slack to the website, and it will help your users stay on the website for more time. It enhances interaction and engagement. As your user engagement enhances, you get more users for your upcoming chat sessions.

2. Make The Website Look Vibrant

Embed Slack on a website and keep it fresh. It allows you to keep the website updated according to the current trends. It makes your webpage looks lively and vibrant.

3. Improves SEO

Slack on your website attract potential customers. The more time your customers spend on your website, the lower your bounce becomes. It helps to make your rankings better. Overall, SEO gets improved. It is why slack is so significant for a website.


Now, you know that Slack is crucial for smooth and flowing communication in your business. You got to know that embedding slack on a website is super easy!

This blog has given you a step-by-step process to embed slack on a website. Also, it has covered the benefits you can have by implementing the steps. What are you waiting for? Try to do it, and tap new opportunities for your business.