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3 Commands Puppy Owners Should Teach Their Trailing Pup


Training for outdoor adventures should be a fun affair for you and your pet. Puppies love exploring places, learning new things, and pleasing their human companions more often than you can imagine. The more efficiently you train your furry pet, the better will be the quality of interaction with it.

If your furry baby enjoys adventurous outings and often participates with you in activities like hiking, jogging, running, and many others, then consider teaching it specific commands. Responding to your commands appropriately while walking trails can make all the difference to your little pupper’s health and happiness. 

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Meanwhile, read this article to learn three commands you should teach your canine pet joining you on your next hike. 

1. Untangle

This is a brilliant command to get your puppy to free its feet safely from the leash. In an environment with fewer distractions, for example, in your garden or indoors, tuck the leash between your furry baby’s front feet and then slowly pull the leash to a side. 

The puppy will most likely sense the discomfort and instantly move its legs to free them from the tangled leash. Give a two to three-second break, then offer a tiny treat and praise your pup for a job well done. Practice this a few times with each foreleg and observe your dog’s readiness to respond to the pull.

Once your puppy picks up the behavior, add the verbal cue “Untangle” so your fur companion associates the freeing action with this word. Do you see how convenient it is to use this command and how it will help your pet manage the tangles all by itself? 

2. Heel

This is another command that helps your pet avoid the dangers on the trail you are walking down with it, whether or not side by side. Dogs can lose control when there are plenty of attractive sights and smells capturing their attention while covering a trail.

Sure, your pet can enjoy exploring nature but ensure its safety simultaneously. Passing other hikers while walking down narrow trails, crossing those burr patches and navigating harmful poison ivy plants requires a perfect heel to avoid the risky spots.

Teach your pet the heel command for brief periods and at varying speeds in the safe comforts of home. Don’t forget to reward it with food, treats, and praise when it maintains a proper heel, to reinforce the good behavior.

3. Find

Many times, people and animals wander off on trails. This is why you must train your pet pooch to find you after parting ways. The simple hide-and-seek game can help with practicing search and find. Over a period, increase the game’s complication so you can be sure that your furry baby reunites with you even if separated during an adventurous trailing activity.

Teach your pet pooch the above commands, so it responds on time to your calls while walking down a trail. At the same time, consider being prepared with the best pup insurance because you never know what health dangers fur babies can get into during an outdoor expedition. 

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