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Who Is Michael Rapaport? Michael Rapaport Net Worth, Early Life, Career and More

michael rapaport net worth


The comedian and actor Michael David Rapaport hails from New York City. Since the mid-1990s, Rapaport has appeared in over 60 movies, including the comedy ‘The War at Home.’ In addition to ‘True romance,’ ‘Higher Learning,’ Metro ‘Cop Land, ‘Deep Blue Sea,’ and “The Sixth Day, The Heat” he has appeared in many other films. Michael Rapaport’s net as of 2022 is twelve million US dollars.

Early Life

New York City native Michael Rapaport was born on March 20th, 1970. The name of Michael’s mother is June Brody. She is a radio broadcaster by her profession. His father, David Rapaport, was an executive in Radio Director & manager of Disco at WKTU. Michael father has done two marriages. Michael’s mother is his second wife. From his first marriage, Michael’s father has one son, Eric, and a daughter named Claudia. David and June Lonow, co-owners of the Improv, was married to Mark Lonow when they separated. Rapaport is a Jewish family with roots in Russia and Poland. Michael first took admission to Erasmus Hall High Scholl for graduation. Unfortunately, he expels from the school. After the expulsion, Michael was admitted to Martin Luther King High Scholl. In this school, he completed his graduation.

Appearance, Height & Weight

A comedian and a podcast host, Michael Rapaport is one of the best actors in the industry. Michael Rapaport stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall. His weight is approximately 80 kilograms. In addition, Michael Rapaport has light brown hair and green eyes. Although physically fit, Michael has trouble hearing. As a result of being bitten off during a fight when he was about 18, he suffered the injury. This caused him to suffer from left ear problems.

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Personal Life

On January 15th of 2000, Michael married writer/producer Nichole. Michael and Nichole have two sons. The name of his first son is Julian, and the second is Maceo. Unfortunately, this marriage remains only for seven years. In 2007 they got a divorce. The year 2016 saw Rapaport marry actress Kebe Dunn. The restraining order against him was issued by his ex-girlfriend, Lili Taylor. The accusation against him was that he harassed her in an aggravating way. Rapaport was prohibited from contacting Taylor after Michael pleaded guilty to the charges. In addition, he had to undergo counseling.


What is the net worth of Michael Rapaport?

Michael Rapaport is one of the best actors, comedians, and podcast hosts. His career includes more than sixty films. His production company and he had also directed documentaries. Michael Rapaport will have a net worth of $12 million in 2022. His net worth is a clear sign of his dedication and hard work. With this net worth, he also got a lot of respect among his audiences. The millionaire Michael Rapaport has a rising net worth. Michael Rapaport has an $8 million net worth as of this writing. His efforts as an actor, film producer, voice actor, writer, and comedian contributed to this character’s creation.



American actor and comedian Michael David Rapaport has acted in over forty films since the mid-1990s. His television credits are most famous for his appearances in Boston Public, Prison Break, Friends, and The War at Home.

Michael Rapaport’s wealth is estimated at millions and is steadily increasing. As of date, Michael Rapaport has earned an estimated net worth of $8 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. The figure results from his roles as an actor and film producer, actor, writer, and comedian.

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