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Ireland Baldwin Height: Autobiography, Career And Facts You Need To Know

ireland baldwin height

Who is Ireland Baldwin?

Ireland Baldwin is indeed an American actress, writer, and fashion model. In an editorial for swimwear for The New York Post in April 2013, she made her modeling debut.

Early life

She is a half-sister to Carmen Gabriela Baldwin, who is younger. Her cousin is Hailey Baldwin. Presently, Justin Bieber and Hailey were the bride and groom. Families of these vehicles are all associated with the entertainment business. Furthermore, Stephen & Daniel Baldwin, Ireland’s uncles, are well-known actors.

Age, Height, and Body Dimensions

Ireland Baldwin is a 23-year-old actress born on October 23, 1995. Additionally, she is a Scorpio. Baldwin inherited a height of six feet 2 inches thanks to her parents. She is 62 kilograms (137 pounds) in weight.

The gorgeous blue eyes of this blonde beauty are captivating. She works out frequently and maintains a fit body for modeling. Her breast, waist, and hip measurements are around 35-25-35 (89-63.5-89 cm). This diva favors shoe sizes of 10 (US) or 40.5 and just a waist measurement of 6 (US), 38 (EU), or 10. (EU).

Individual Trainer

She does exercise. She only recently began exercising by incorporating activities like yoga, cardio, dance, etc.

It’s admirable that the model strives hard to maintain a beautiful appearance and a strong body and heart. Two times every day, she exercises. While the afternoon session only consists of cardio, the morning rush incorporates yoga and dancing. Her mother, who occasionally serves as a coach, also offers her fitness advice. 

Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger are well-known actors, and Ireland Baldwin is their little princess. Yes, Alec & Kim have expertly engraved their talent and expertise in the Hollywood sector. There is no denying that this paradigm is under great stress. She is, however, capable of handling it.


At age 11, Ireland Baldwin’s father left her an angry voicemail, which led to her becoming well-known. Alec reacted angrily and sarcastically once the message was made public.

Ireland has since flawlessly rocked the runway at numerous fashion shows. Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Garzia, and Elle are a few of them.

The stunning model has been featured in advertisements for True Religion Jeans, Guess, and numerous other brands. At the same time, she is posing in a nude manner for PETA’s anti-fur advertisement campaign. Her mother carried out the same task for PETA at 24.

Over 20 tattoos are on Ireland Baldwin

This is what makes Ireland Baldwin unique. She has been acquiring other tattoos and bragging about them online. She has twenty tattoos on her left arm as of right now. It appears that the numbers will go up next year.

A few of the tattoos feature a David Bowie likeness as a respect to the legendary musician. It’s a drawing of the Aladdin Sane record cover he made. She also has an attractive poster of a Mandala, a universal spiritual emblem, thus according to Hinduism. Her leg bears a sweet image of her dog.

Her zodiac sign, the Scorpion, is also depicted on the left ear. Just on the nape of the neck, a piece called Truth is also tattooed. Ireland seems to have a tattoo of Totoro’s adorable face and a pair of lips with fangs.

Ireland Baldwin: Is she gay?

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Ireland Baldwin’s Salary

Ireland Baldwin’s exciting facts and figures

  1. She is the same height as Maria Sharapova, a well-known Russian tennis star.
  2. Through her father, Ireland is related to American actors Daniel, Stephen Baldwin, & William Baldwin.
  3. Her father called her on an angry voicemail in 2007. (and married Hilaria Thomas). The message was made public when she was 11 years old. In turn, this made her famous.
  4. Ireland reached an agreement with the Modeling agency in March 2013.
  5. She debuted in April 2014 as a model. Her first job involved modeling swimsuits for New York Post.
  6. She enjoys surfing.
  7. She was named Vanity Fair’s It Girl in June 2013.
  8. Up to this point, she has appeared in numerous publications like DuJour, Elle, Vanity Fair, & W.
  9. Ireland disclosed that she had been hurt while watching two youngsters in April 2021.
  10. Anxiety is a problem in Ireland.
  11. She has cardio phobia as well. She’s been to the hospital more than 20 times as of April 2022 due to her condition.


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