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How to buy Branded Makeup Brushes and Accessories in Pakistan?


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Most probably each of us has gone through the struggle to find the best makeup brushes in Pakistan. There are a number of online cosmetic stores in Pakistan, thus making it impossible to try all of them at once. You’re not alone in asking which make-up brushes do what and if you actually need more than one. I didn’t realize the importance of having my own cosmetic brush collection until I was over thirty years old. I admit that I was hesitant to use them because I didn’t know how to utilize them properly.

Makeup Brushes in Pakistan

I believe that wearing natural makeup, or party makeup, along with faultless makeup methods, is the ideal choice for grabbing people’s attention.

The following is a list of the most commonly used brushes that every lady should have. Know the names of the makeup brushes and how to apply them like an expert for flawless application!

Best Makeup Brushes Brands in Pakistan

Brushes are the most important item that everyone should have. Everyone is on the lookout for cost-effective, durable, and trusted cosmetic brushes from reputable brands.


In 1984, the most well-known makeup brushes brand, MAC, was founded in Canada. If you have smooth skin, this is an excellent choice of checked remedial. Their brush set is also quite precious and delicate. It can be used to blend both cream and powder-based products while keeping them exactly where you want them.

The high level of MAC brushes’ great finish is valuable. It is currently regarded as the best-known brand on a global scale. MAC eyeshadows are particularly great for a variety of reasons. With hiding, it makes eye shadow more blendable and predictable. Their waterproof lipsticks also provide you with a lovely and outstanding appearance.

Makeup Forever

It is one of the most cherished and well-known brands that every lady requires and desires. Additionally, their cosmetic brushes are well-known for being gentle and easy to use. Their brushes are smaller than others, allowing for more precise application of eyeshadows, concealer, powder, lip shading, and foundation. Every brush is delicate, flexible, and long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about them self-destructing after one use.


You may need to contour, hide, or add blush in some circumstances. As a result, you’ll need a variety of brushes to apply anything rapidly. This handy brush retracts into itself when not in use, allowing you to toss it into your makeup bag.

With cruelty-free fibers and a robust case constructed of recycled aluminum, these EcoTools brushes will give you a genuine sense of serenity. Allow these branded items to help you achieve the perfect summer beauty look.

Charlotte Tilbury Brushes

If you’re looking for a brush that will help you apply the proper amount of product to your face and nose while also concealing the hollows of your cheeks, this Charlotte Tilbury brush set is a must-have!

It is possible to use it for liquid or powdered items and have it flushed! Charlotte carriage makes a great effort to provide delicate and precious brushes to its consumers.

Iconic London Makeup Brushes

Iconic Brushes look like regular paintbrushes and are great for sculpting. Its straight filaments may be used with liquid and cream formulas, and its size is ideal for the precise application—it is one of the most adored and well-known brands.

You’ll never be overloaded with an iconic brush, whether you need eyeliner, lipstick, or other therapeutic items. Iconic cosmetics can also be used to create stunning easy makeup looks.

E.L.F Makeup Brushes

The E.L.F brushes are ideal for creating a smokey eye or darkening the crease. The tools are simple to use, and the fibers are of varying lengths to allow for better mixing. All makeup aficionados will appreciate these brushes. It provides precision, and its delicate, thick fiber effortlessly molds the face.

You can also use it with cream, liquid, or powder-based cosmetics. You can use these to apply blush, bronzer, or even highlighter. The brilliance of these brushes’ nature is unrivaled, and it will last an eternity! Do you know why a large portion of the population like to use E.L.F brushes? They’re great with cream and liquid products alike.


The nicest part about NARS is that its tools are widely available and reasonably priced, making them an excellent choice for beginners. You get everything you need in this set. It’s a good mix of face and eye makeup brushes, with a stylish eyeshadow brush, a little brush for applying lipstick and blush, and a fluffy powder brush. If you need to start building your cosmetic brush collection, this set is a great place to start.

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brushes

Although this brand isn’t the most cost-effective, its versatility and viability make it well worth the investment. It’s a good combination of face and eye tools. This Loreal brush has synthetic bristles that quickly grab eyeshadow and gently put cream or powder product all over your face without poking you in the eye. It can be used to blend both cream and powder-based products while keeping them exactly where you want them.

Sephora Collection Pro Foundation Brush

Customers have rated the Sephora Collection foundation brush as one of the best foundation brushes with over a thousand positive reviews. Its domed shape and densely packed, soft bristles work together to give a look that’s almost airbrushed. The vegan, synthetic brush is also adored for its versatility, as it can be used for medium to full coverage with everything from powder to liquid and BB cream.

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